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About HBI

Founded in 1990, Human Behavior Institute (HBI) is a full-service behavioral health organization headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.  As a leader in the development of effective quality assurance programs, HBI is devoted to excellence in clinical care and customer service, and adheres to URAC and NCQA standard of quality.

HBI develops and implements managed behavioral health services and employee assistance programs.  Unlike others, HBI is the only behavioral health managed care company that has specialty clinics allowing members the flexibility of choosing a network provider and the option to attend supportive services through HBI’s staff model.

HBI’s approach to behavioral health care is innovative, dynamic, solution-focused, and diverse – where the clinical practice is interdependent with managed care obtaining data from these two integral functions in order to develop and implement targeted programming to address issues and provide solutions. Accountability, creativity, and measurable outcomes are hallmarks of our behavioral care products.

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