Hbi Mobile Services

Mobile Response Team

Also referred to as, Mobile Crisis Team. Members include: PhD-Level Clinicians, RN’s, and Masters Level Clinicians; on-call 24/7 for on-site evaluation, assistance with level of care determination and discharge planning.

  • Responds to ALL emergency departments, psychiatric hospitals, schools, shelters, juvenile detention enters, and neighborhood service centers throughout Clark County, Nevada
  • Current response time < 4 hours (1 hour for adolescents)
  • Makes recommendation, based on medical necessity criteria
    • Inpatient admission to a free-standing psychiatric facility or Institute for Mental Disease (IMD)
    • Crisis Stabilization Program
    • Triage to an outpatient treatment setting

Home & Family Assessment Team

Working in tandem with the Mobile Response Team, a home assessor visits with the family within 24 hours of hospital admission, to assess the home environment, family dynamics, recovery and safety, discuss discharge plan, and determine whether wrap-around services should be provided after hospitalization. The home assessor also functions as case manager – a conduit between the family, and the hospital treatment team.