Hbi Specialized Treatment Programs

HBI has developed specialized treatment programs to address specific issues that affect the whole family rather than just the child or the individual. Treatment plans include the child/individual, the parents, and extended family (if applicable) and are required to participate in the process. HBI’s value-added programs and services are proven to be very powerful in augmenting traditional therapeutic interventions, resulting to expedited recovery and substantially reducing the need for inpatient hospitalization, and other more intensive services.

Crisis Stabilization Program for Adolescents

Currently the only structured, short term, comprehensive and expansive, outpatient crisis stabilization program offered in the entire state of Nevada, with the following features:

  • Intensive 5-day Crisis Stabilization Treatment (CSU Group; or Individualized Crisis Check-in)
  • Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management
  • Four Week Aftercare (CSU) Support Group, offered afterschool so as not to interfere with attendance
  • Family Crisis Debriefing
  • Wellness Checks / Safety Planning
    • Assists families in locking up sharps and removing potential tools used for self-harm
    • Supports clients experiencing a major depressive episode and/or high levels of anxiety

Crisis Stabilization Program for Adults

  • Intensive 5-day Crisis Stabilization Treatment (CSU Group; or Individualized Crisis Check-in)
  • 12-week After-Care Treatment
  • 8-week CD/IOP
  • Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management
  • Case Management/Special Needs Assessment for patients with psychiatric problems that may require special considerations, additional resources, community support, and hand-over-hand interventions

Renaissance Golden Years

Designed to help senior adults, aged 65 and older, deal with the stress and cumulative losses associated with the aging process. HBI’s Renaissance Program recognizes a population with varying degrees of special needs during their golden years. Declining emotional, physical, and financial capabilities as well as the loss of family and friends often lead to various forms of depression. This program not only helps senior adults but also provide support to their care-givers.