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HBI started its Addiction Treatment and Recovery Program in 1992 to help adults (18 years and older) who are suffering from alcohol, drug, gambling and/or other addiction-related problems.

This program is designed to provide participants with a therapeutic “community” that interacts with their families and friends, addressing all aspects of their psychosocial and physical environment. It addresses addiction-related issues of three different types of adults: the addict, the “co-dependents”, and other adults raised in a dysfunctional family.

Program is focused upon personalized treatment and based on conditional assessments with two primary components: the Intensive Treatment Phase and the Aftercare Phase.

Intensive Treatment Phase:

Clients participate in the program FOUR nights per week, for FOUR weeks. The nickname “4-by-4″ is often used to identify the Intensive phase. Some participants do not need all 16 sessions while others require more than 16 sessions depending upon their motivation; and, the length and depth of their addiction. During this period, participants receive:

  • Individual Counseling in addition to groups
  • Family and concerned-person participation once a week
  • Dual diagnosis intervention, including medication if necessary


Following the Intensive, 4×4 phase, HBI offers “graduates” a two-year AfterCare program. It consists of a support group that meets once per week for 2 years. A counselor oversees each AfterCare session.

Program Objectives:

To achieve recovery, HBI focuses on helping participants to learn about addiction and its hold on one’s emotions, thought-process, spirituality, physical health; and its effects on their family, career, self-esteem, personality, etc.:

  • For those burdened by addiction, to achieve and maintain sober living and lead a healthy life
  • For the “co-dependents” affected by others’ addictions, to establish and reinforce personal boundaries
  • For the adult raised in a dysfunctional family, to break the cycle of self-destruct and develop healthy living

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