Crisis Hotline 24/7

Also known as Crisis Mobile Team, Human Behavior Institute Rapid Response Team members include: PhD-Level Clinicians, RN’s, and Masters Level Clinicians; on-call 24/7 ready to spring into action and provide on-site evaluation and level of care recommendation. Our team of highly qualified professionals provides unparalleled assistance to hospitals and emergency facilities in providing crisis intervention and assessment with patients admitted to the ER or facility due to a psychiatric crisis situation.

Human Behavior Institute’s Rapid Response Team has been entrusted by major insurance plans and public health agencies in providing expedited mental health assessments to determine the appropriate level of care, so that individuals who have the dire need for psychiatric hospitalization get the treatment they require and those who don’t meet the medical necessity criteria don’t overcrowd the hospital facilities and are referred to lower-intensity services such as outpatient mental health treatment and/or social and community assistance.