Network Providers

Human Behavior Institute’s provider network of over 300 multi-disciplinary network practitioners is one of the oldest and most qualified in the entire State of Nevada. It is the preferred network to large insurance groups such as United Healthcare, HUMANA, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, self-funded plans, and other nationally recognized insurance groups.

Let us help find the right provider for you

By calling Human Behavior Institute or completing the contact us page, our Intake Specialists can:

  • Match you with the appropriate provider based on your geographic preference and preliminary clinical information
  • Verify your plan benefits and eligibility
  • Set the appointment for your initial visit with either a staff provider or designated network provider
  • Offer immediate crisis intervention, if necessary, by connecting your call with an Human Behavior Institute Clinician.

All conveniently done when you call 1-800-441-4483!

You can also search for a participating provider by using our online provider directory.