Parenting Group

Human Behavior Institute focuses its mental health recovery programs on the whole family rather than just the child or the individual. Treatment plans include the child/individual, the parents, and extended family (if applicable) and are required to participate in the process.

Whether a child is in a traditional family setting, with other caregivers such as relatives, group home, or in foster care, Human Behavior Institute’s Children and Family Programs are designed to address all aspects of the family’s overall health, including mental, physical, and social needs by providing a “therapeutic community” – involving parents, primary caregivers, school teachers and counselors, and other agencies to create a nurturing, safe and happy environment.

Program Features:

  • Child-centered
  • Family Involvement
  • Community Based
  • Multi-Disciplinary Behavioral Health Team

For more information about Human Behavior Institute’s Children and Family Services or any of our Specialized Programs, call 1-800-441-4483 option 6 or fill out our contact form.