Addiction Treatment & Recovery Program

Human Behavior Institute has met applicable rules and regulations as defined by the Nevada Revised Statutes 458 and is certified to provide the following services:

  • Co-Occurring Disorder Endorsement Capable
  • Level 1 Adolescent Outpatient Services
  • Level 2.1 Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Services
  • Level 1 Adult Outpatient Services
  • Level 2.1 Adult Intensive Outpatient Services
  • Program Mission:

    HBI helps clients to learn about addiction; its hold on emotions, thinking, spirituality, physical well-being; its effects on family, the community, career, self-esteem, personality, etc.; and work through their issues. In addition, HBI recognizes that, addiction may be a fragment of a more complex co-occurring disorder.

    As a full-service behavioral health care organization with a multi-disciplinary team of mental health clinicians, HBI is fully-capable of treating not just the individual, but also the family, and the community as a whole.

    Program Goals:

    HBI aims to help those burdened by addiction, achieve the following goals:

    • Stabilize or Stop the crises that prompted clients to seek counseling
    • Halt the abuse of alcohol, drugs or gambling
    • Learn how alcohol, drugs or gambling interfere with LIVING
    • Understand the factors that cause urges to use or gamble
    • Learn the adjustments necessary for “sober living”
    • Decide to stop chemical abuse and/or gambling after treatment
    • Establish the support in order to maintain and reinforce sober living

    For the “co-dependents” that are affected by others’ addictions:

    • Learn about the actions and attitudes that fuel the addicts’ disease
    • Develop plans in order to avoid reinforcing the addicts’ behaviors
    • Establish personal boundaries
    • Understand the thinking and behavior that block their own recovery
    • Develop positive coping strategies
    • Establish support systems to reinforce continued growth

    For the adult raised in a dysfunctional family:

    • Identify dysfunctional family traits that block a balanced life
    • Learn how past experiences influence today’s decisions
    • Realize the possibilities for more control and LIVING
    • Develop positive strategies to end negative habits and thinking
    • Establish support systems to reinforce continued growth

    For those with co-occurring disorders:

    • Identify and isolate co-occurring disorders that impede the individual’s personal growth
    • Develop positive coping strategies in order to manage negative symptoms
    • Understand the thinking and behavior that block their own recovery
    • Establish support systems to reinforce continued growth

    Initial Process:

    Prior to attending HBI’s Addiction Treatment and Recovery Program, some patients may require medical clearance or detoxification under medical supervision in a hospital setting. If a patient meets medical necessity criteria for inpatient admission, that patient is referred to a qualified detoxification facility. The patient will then be reassessed to ensure that the patient can safely participate in a lower level of care.

    Intensive Treatment Phase:

    During the Intensive phase of treatment, clients are scheduled to attend the following meetings for a minimum length of 24 sessions during the course of the program:

    • The Initial Assessment/Interview
    • An Orientation and Familiarization Session
    • 24 Lecture/group sessions (3x/week for 8 weeks)
    • Counseling sessions for the “concerned persons” and client. The frequency and number of sessions depend on the clinical necessity of the client.
    • Medication Evaluation and Management
    • An Exit Interview to map out a post-treatment plan

    Depending on the client’s clinical necessity, the frequency and length of treatment sessions are based on the ASAM criteria for the Intensive Outpatient Services:

    • Adults = 9 or more hours of combined services per week
    • Adolescents = 6 or more hours of combined services per week


    Following the Intensive Phase, Human Behavior Institute offers “graduates” a two-year AfterCare program. It consists of a support group that meets once per week for 2 years. A counselor oversees each AfterCare session.

    For more information, call 1-800-441-4483 option 1 or contact us to talk with an Human Behavior Institute Intake Specialist.