Case Management

HBI believes in an integrated mental healthcare approach. This program, one of the most qualified in the State of Nevada, is comprehensive in nature and is designed to manage and reduce mental healthcare costs without compromising services. HBI offers this integrated mental health concept in a case management format where patients are introduced and guided through the system until they are discharged from treatment.

Case Management Program Features

  • Early Identification of High Risk Patients
  • Discharge Planning
  • Evaluation and Referral
  • Utilization Review
  • Counseling
  • Patient and Provider Education
  • Intervention and Follow-Up
  • Management Consultation
  • Coordination with Medical and County Agencies

Care coordination is a continuous process of systematically prioritizing member needs based on defined criteria followed by designing, implementing, and monitoring the most appropriate clinical intervention to achieve a positive outcome.

Care coordination is ideal for patients with the following conditions:

  • Dual diagnosis
  • Chronic mental illness SED/SMI
  • High dosage of anxiety / pain medication
  • Suspected abuse or neglect
  • History of non-compliance
  • Multiple failed treatments
  • Poor support system
  • Potential homelessness
  • Other

Primary Medical Care Support & Coordination

It is well known that over 50% of all primary care visits involve some level of mental health issues. Antidepressant medication is currently being prescribed at record highs, with over 70% being prescribed by general physicians. Integrating behavioral health with certain medical conditions will accelerate medical recovery, reduce medical costs, give support and consultation services to primary care physicians, and identify those patients who need behavioral health intervention.